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Anima Iners

Anima Iners

€ 140,00Price

Marzia for the exhibition has decided to exhibit a work entitled "Anima Ines: l'alba del domani.

The picture represents the vision of a drastic decline in the future of consciousness.

The face depicts a human automaton, the result of an increasingly superficial society, increasingly immersed in tech-nology, in the virtual, intoxicated by the mantra of success, greed, love for money. His expressionless eyes represent the unique thought of the hegemonic class in the world that wants to impose itself on beings incapable of autonomy of thought, slaves of preconceived ideas useful to the dominant thought.

On the right side there is its final stage where nothing remains of it but its bones.

Inside it is depicted a heart symbolic seat of the best human qualities: Love, Altruism, Good-ness, Meekness etc.

These qualities do not die with our body, but remain in the memory of those who remain in eternal praise of our only true beauty.


Technique: acrylic 
On Canvas 

by Marzia Ulissi.

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